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Creighton archive stories

A roundup of the bold, exciting and sometimes strange chapters in Creighton history and everyday campus life.

The Forward Blue campaign for Creighton is driven by a simple but powerful idea — that whatever the future brings, we will act boldly and we will draw on our strengths, traditions and values as a Jesuit, Catholic university.

However much Creighton grows, however much things change, the foundations of this 143-year institution remain fully intact. The farther our reach, the deeper our roots.

One way we like to celebrate Creighton's rich (and occasionally weird) history is by culling our archives for interesting stories and nostalgia-inducing photos. Some of the stories are a little goofy, to say the least. Some highlight the texture of daily Creighton life over the years through our amazing students, alumni, faculty and staff. Others help explain the University's origin story and honor the vision and generosity of our founding family. 

We'll continue to update our list of archive stories on the page throughout the Forward Blue campaign. Ideally, over time, the stories will form a more complete tapestry of a place and community unlike any other, and right at one of the most transformative moments in Creighton's history.

Quick note: None of this would be possible without the help and expertise of Creighton's University Archives.

Creighton campus at sunset

Forward Blue

Forward Blue is the largest and most comprehensive fundraising campaign in Creighton’s history. The campaign is a massive, concentrated effort over an extended period of time to celebrate Creighton’s mission, while raising funds to ensure that mission endures. 

Edward Creighton comic book

How Edward Creighton united a nation

And brought America online.
And became the hero of a Hollywood Western.
And a comic book.

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Students make an 1,100-foot-long sandwich in the KFC gym in 1988.

World record easier bread than done

That time high winds foiled Creighton’s attempt to make the world’s longest sandwich.

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Father Larry Gillick walking in front of St. John's Church.

The smells of Creighton

Father Larry Gillick, SJ, is blind. But every day, he says, he "sees" Creighton. To show us what Creighton looks like to him, he gave us a campus tour like no other — a tour of touch and sound but mostly of smell.

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24th Street crosswalk

The voice returns! The walk signal to cross 24th Street is now on once again.

The voice of 24th street has reclaimed her rightful spot, thanks, in part, to the strong response from Creighton alumni.

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Exterior of Gallagher Hall

Gallagher, Beal’s & Billy: 14 Creighton anniversaries we’ll observe in 2021

So many anniversaries this year, from the opening of Gallagher Hall to the closing of Beal's Grill to the birth of Billy Bluejay.

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Creighton postcards

A collection of vintage Creighton postcards shows 100-plus years of campus history

We’d like to extend a hearty “Wish you were here!” with a collection of vintage postcards celebrating 100-plus years of Creighton history!

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Billy listing image

The evolution of the Billy Bluejay mascot costume

On the year of his 80th birthday, here is the definitive story of Billy Bluejay — the logo, the costume, the spirit of Creighton.

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Main Billy Bluejay mascots listing

Alumni talk about the game-changing experience of playing Billy Bluejay

We caught up with a few alumni to talk about how being Billy Bluejay colored their Creighton experience and even, in at least one case, defined the rest of their lives. 

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Side-by-side photos of Julie, left, and Michele, then and now.

Billy Bluejay crashes an extremely Creighton wedding

A Creighton couple ties the knot, and their mothers relive a 33-year-old memory. For both occasions, Billy Bluejay was there.

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Creighton Fashion listing image

Blue Couture — 100 years of Creighton fashion 

We sifted through several decades of yearbooks and archive materials to see how our sense of style has evolved over Creighton’s history.

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1991 Creighton baseball team at the CWS

Creighton's College World Series moment turns 30

To celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Creighton's first and so far only CWS appearance, we caught up with several players to talk about the magical season.

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Gallagher Hall

More archive content

See even more stories and photos of Creighton history and campus life.

A photo of various Creighton faculty and staff.

The Creighton mentor who changed your life

We've written hundreds of stories about Creighton alumni and current students. When we ask them what they love most about Creighton, one of the first things so many mention is a specific person.

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Images of Cliff Brunt, now and then.

The best of the best

A Creighton alumnus talks about the professor who saw his potential and changed his life.

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Saint John's Bible

A Bible like no other

The seven-volume set of the Heritage Edition of the Saint John’s Bible has found a permanent home at Creighton. The Bible incorporates the Old-World craftsmanship of the ancient book along with modern day themes.

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Memorial service outside St. John's on 9/11.

Community of prayer, community of hope 

We spoke with alumni and staff who were at Creighton on Sept. 11, 2001. They recalled a campus coming together in the face of crisis — with faith, hope and prayer.

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Students embrace on the St. John's steps at a prayer mass on 9/11.

Photos at Creighton on Sept. 11, 2001

A collection of images from the Creighton University Archives.

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Images of George Blue Spruce.

The first American Indian dentist in the nation

Creighton alumnus George Blue Spruce Jr., DDS’56, is the first American Indian dentist in the nation. Now, at the age of 90, he says his work isn't finished.

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Dick Jeffries, 30 years apart.

He co-piloted a pizza empire. But he was just getting started.

Dick Jeffries never lost his good humor — not in the face of professional failures nor personal tragedies. He knew not to take anything too seriously. And in spite of that — perhaps more likely because of that — Dick Jeffries lived a seriously successful life.

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Joyce Eisenmenger, BA'77, and Steve Chavez, BS'77, after getting married.

Creighton couple married after meeting again — 40 years later — at Reunion Weekend

They fell not for the people they were but for who they became in the years since. And who they became, they say, had a lot to do with attending Creighton.

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The Kouri family

Happy Father's Day, Creighton dads

Seven stories of Creighton legacy families and a celebration of Creighton fathers everywhere.

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Two dentists operate on a leopard

That time Creighton dentists gave a leopard a root canal in downtown Omaha

Fun fact: Creighton's dental school has a bit of a reputation for forming pioneers in the field of wild-animal dentistry.

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Creighton Olympic athletes

Creighton at the Olympics

Creighton University has seen many, many great athletes over the years, but — according to our records — just six alumni have competed in the Olympic Games.

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Willard Schmidt

The Creighton giant who helped invent the slam dunk

The story of Creighton University's lithe giant, whose team played the muddiest game of basketball in Olympic history.

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Carl Vinciquerra

The Olympian who worked at Kiewit Fitness Center

Five nights a week for several years in the 1980s, the man who worked the front desk of the Kiewit Fitness Center was a former Olympian.

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Shannen Doherty at Creighton

Creighton's primetime TV-movie moment turns 25

That time 17 million people saw Creighton Hall because of a Shannen Doherty movie.

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Creighton students moving in

Creighton move-in through the years

Welcome to Creighton! Here are dozens of photos of Creighton students moving in to the residence halls, from the 1950s to 2020.

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Carrie, OTD'12, BSHS'12, and Spencer Werth, BA'11, MS'14, JD'14, marriage photo in front of fountain

8 Creighton love stories

Here are a few alumni who met that very special someone while at Creighton — along the Mall, in front of the fountain, even … at Gallagher.

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Creightonian classifieds for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Jay — Love notes from 30 years of Creightonian classifieds

For decades, The Creightonian ran love notes in its classifieds leading up to Valentine’s Day. Many messages were heartwarming. Some were weird. A few should not be repeated.

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Carroll open attendees

Still swingin'

A golf tournament for Creighton alumni and friends started as a small operation. But nearly 50 years later, the Carroll Open is still going, stronger than ever.

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