St. John's

Alumni Relations FAQ

Everything you need to know about Alumni Relations.


What are some of the benefits and resources I have as an alum?

As an alum, you have access to career services, discounted gym memberships, St. John's marriage preparation and more. Learn more about alumni benefits here.

What events can I attend?

Check out our alumni events calendar.

How can I find an alumni group where I live? 

We've got groups all over the country. Search our alumni groups here.

How do I contact my classmate or other friends from Creighton?

Please contact Alumni Relations at or by phone at 800.282.5867. Our staff will be able to reach out to your friends and pass along your contact information.

Where is the staff directory?

You can find the staff directory here.

Are there ways I can volunteer for Creighton?

There are. Please explore volunteer opportunities here.

How do I make a gift to support Creighton?

You can make a gift to a number of areas here.

How do I post a job description for Creighton alumni?

You can post a job description here.

How do I get a copy of my diploma?

You can get a copy here.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

You can order one here.