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You are forever a part of this community. Help us stay in touch so you can make the most of being a Creighton alum.

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As a College of Nursing student, you were driven to make the world a better place through your unbeatable combo of competence, confidence and compassion.

Now we ask that you continue your Creighton journey to inspire a new generation of nurses.

There are many ways not only to stay involved with the College of Nursing, but to ensure that it remains a source of exemplary Jesuit education for our students.

Staying connected to this community remains a lifelong opportunity. Thank you for being a part of Creighton.


Board Members

Josephine Abboud, BSN'95
Todd Bartholet, BS'94, BSN'97
Ann Berger, BSN'71
Barb Braden, SJN'66, BSN'73
Susan Drvol, BSN'95
Sarah Ermer, BSN'14, DNP'18
Pat Fenton, BSN'80
Theresa Franco, BSN'78
Anne Gard, BSN'03
Beth Gard, BSN'08
Kate Garred, BSN'84
Kim Hagner, BSN'04, MS'08
Susana Harrington, MS'99
Anne Harty, SN'97, MS'00, FNPC'00, EdD'19
Megan Hawk, BSN'00
Dede Johnson, BSN'74
Molly Kennison, BSN'10
Kim Kenny, BSN'08
Suzanne Kotula, BSN'85
Nancy Lakier, BSN'75
Mary Leighton, BSN'71
Emily Lemke, BSN'10, DNP'15
Pat Lenaghan, MS'86
Jenna Lowndes, BSN'09
Jane Masterson, SJN'72
Kathryn Melton, BSN'74
Diane Millea, BSN'77, DNP'11
Emily Mohs, BSN'07 
Megan Morgan, DNP'17
Barb O'Brien, BSN'70
Teresa Pallus, BSN'09
Barb Pille, SJN'72
Ellen Poole, BSN'73
Judy Pritza, BSN'92, MS'96
Cathy Ravenstahl, BSN'78
Erin Ryan, BSN'01
Holly Sak, BSN'06
Tonya Schroeder, BSN'86
Kathy Sibbernsen, BSN'82
Kathy Soto, BSN'75
Nancy Tosone, BSN'75, DNP'11
Diane Glow, BSN'80
Ellen Townley, BSN'83
Karla Townley, BSN'86
Maureen Turner, BSN'74
Eileen Van Tasell, BSN'68
Leanne Vitito, BSN'93, MS'00
Katie Witt, BSN'05
Kathy Wolter, BSN'83
Mary Woodward, SJN'72

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