Graduate School Alumni

You are forever a part of this community. Help us stay in touch so you can make the most of being a Creighton alum.

Stay Connected

As a graduate student, you chose to extend your education and strive for a brighter future.

Now we ask that you continue your Creighton journey to inspire a new generation of students.

There are many ways not only to stay involved with Creighton, but to ensure that it remains a source of exemplary Jesuit education for our students.

Staying connected to the Graduate School community remains a lifelong opportunity. Thank you for being a part of Creighton.


Board Members

Mitchell Brazell, MA’10, BS’15
Eric Downing, EdD’15 
Jerry Gandy 
Jeffrey J. Gross, BSPHY’93, MS’95 
Philip Grybas, MAIR’71 
Jason R. Hince, BA’10, MSAPM’11 
Clare Huerter, MS’15
Michael P. Noonan, BSBA’05, MSAPM’09
Michael O’Malley, MS’15 
Dorothy Ostrowski, BA’78, MA’81, MS’97 
Daniel J. Semrad, BSBA’71, MA’09, MS’18 
Erin Swanson Russell, BA’02, MA’08
Susan Toohey, EdD’13 
Charles Thomas, Jr, MS’09, EdD’14 
Kristin Winford, EdD’13 

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Creighton Alumni Representative

Rachel Cole
Rachel Morello Cole Director of Alumni, School of Law, Heider College Business and Graduate School 402.280.2222