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You are forever a part of this community. Help us stay in touch so you can make the most of being a Creighton alum.

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As a School of Law student, you gained the confidence, competence and hands-on experience to excel in your profession and fight for a more just world.

Now we ask that you continue your Creighton journey to inspire a new generation of Creighton lawyers.

There are many ways not only to stay involved with Creighton, but to ensure that it remains a source of exemplary Jesuit education for our students.

Staying connected to this community remains a lifelong opportunity. Thank you for being a part of Creighton.


Board Members

Hon. Joe Bataillon, BA’71, JD’74 
Fred Bates, JD’83
Jim Bausch, BSBA’66, JD’69
Roger Blauwet, BA’69, JD’75
Dan Cole Jr., BA’66, JD’69
Patrick Duffy, JD’97
Richard Gilloon, JD’77
Thomas Grennan, BA’75, JD’78
Bill Hargens, BSBA’79, JD’81
Lisa Andrus Hayan, JD’03
Dr. Cynthia Irmer, JD’80
Arnold Johnson, JD’80
Ray McGaugh, BA’76, JD’84
Karen Morauski, JD’86
Mike Mullin, JD’80
Robert O’Connor Jr., JD’74 
Judith Twidwell Pogge, JD’79 
Hon. Bob Pratt, JD’72
Charles Rohe, JD’89
Bob Rossiter, Jr., JD’81
James Seifert, JD’82, Chair
Steve Seline, JD’79
James Silhasek, BA’69, JD’72 
Bradley Skinner, JD’96
Dianne Loennig Stoddard, JD’75
Gayla Lee Thal, JD’80
Michael Wallace, JD’13
Gail Werner-Robertson, BA’84, JD’88
Patricia Zieg, BA’71, JD’75

Lifetime Members

Jill Robb Ackerman, JD’84 
Thomas Gaughen, BSBA’75, JD’78 
Amy Longo, BSN’70, JD’79
Hon. Michael McCormack, JD’63
John Pierce, MSGUID’72, JD’81 
Judy Brumm Weill, JD’79 
Larry Welch Sr., JD’61

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