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Fueling the future of America’s Jesuit law school.

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Meeting a need

When you give to the School of Law, you let us use your gift toward our greatest and most urgent areas of need.  

You support scholarships, mission, academics, programs, faculty development and all other efforts to reinforce the Creighton experience for our students. 

You help us shape a new generation of service-minded lawyers and judges ready to face the future and improve our world. 

Since 1929, when the first full-tuition scholarship was awarded, we’ve relied on our alumni and the community to invest in our students. We’re proud of this tradition, which — thanks to you — is still going strong. 

You can make a difference today! 

School of Law

A transformative legal education committed to service and justice.



Pro bono and community service work logged by students (2019-2020).



11 types of competition teams for law students.


of graduates

91% of 2019 graduates were employed, in graduate school or not seeking a job 10 months after graduation. Of those employed, 97.3% were in JD-preferred or JD-advantage positions.

Joy Suder and Sidnea Brown look at a laptop screen.

Creighton Law's Juvenile Justice Clinic is meeting an essential need

The grant-funded clinic serves as a small firm, with student-attorneys providing free legal services for youth with open cases in the Separate Juvenile Court of Douglas County.

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A foundation of values

As our alumni know, Creighton's School of Law provides our students with intellectual challenge, academic rigor and an opportunity to form a foundation of values for lifelong service in the law.  

Under the leadership of Joshua Fershée, JD, we will fulfill our promise as America’s Jesuit law school

We will continue to educate the attorneys of tomorrow in a tradition of service, ethics and compassion. We will expand opportunities for clinics and externships, giving our students hands-on legal experience and continuing to increase the level of service Creighton offers our community. 

And we will build a foundation based on trust, faith and hope — trust in each other. Faith in our institution and values. And hope that working together, for and with others, we can build a better and more just future for all. 

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Mike O'Malley

Michael O'Malley
Senior Director of Schools and Colleges Team

School of law students tour a concentration camp.

School of Law gift will strengthen Creighton’s ties to Jewish community

The gift will support a School of Law program that keeps history alive by creating more witnesses to the Holocaust.

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Service and opportunity in the law

Creighton’s School of Law forms future judges and lawyers in the Jesuit tradition, agents of change committed to service and improving their communities. We offer many ways for our law students to engage with the profession and gain real-world experience as they’re earning their degree.

Student Cesar Linares

The reach of your gift

“Your generosity makes the Creighton experience possible for students like me. But the reach of your gift goes much further. I will take into my community all the skills and values I’m learning. My Jesuit education will inform every encounter with every client I ever serve. When you give, you’re not just helping me; you’re helping everyone I will ever help as a Creighton lawyer.”

— César Magaña Linares, School of Law

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Joshua Fershee, JD

America's Jesuit law school

"Here, in the heart of the Heartland, you’ll find America’s Jesuit law school, where a network of faculty, staff, students and alumni are ever committed to building upon our values and making bold strides together.”

— School of Law Dean Joshua Fershée, JD

Student Lexi Weisbeck posing in front of Creighton

A Creighton lawyer

Thanks to the help of scholarships, Lexi is making the most of her time as a Creighton law student, day by day becoming the lawyer she wants to be.

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