Identity Networks

Sustaining our commitment to inclusive excellence.

Identity Networks connect Creighton alumni based on shared cultural, personal, and racial identities. These networks span across the globe and provide alumni of diverse backgrounds an environment for collaboration, investment and celebration, as well as an opportunity to honor shared heritage and experiences.

All alumni who identify with or support these networks are encouraged to join. 

Our Vision

Forming change agents who bring about a more just world today and tomorrow.

Identity Networks

  • Asian American and Pacific Islander Alumni Network 
  • Black Alumni Network
  • Latine Alumni Network
  • Native American Alumni Network

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“Our Catholic , Jesuit tradition is the foundation for the work that we do in equity, diversity and inclusion — this includes our alumni. The launch of Identity Networks bolsters our commitment to this crucial work.” - Devin Owens, Director of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion — Alumni and Corporate Engagement

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