Student Giving

Creighton University Student Gifts

Creighton University StudentsConsider your experience at Creighton. 
What has that time meant to you?

By donating to the Student Class Gift, you ensure that future Bluejays have the same opportunities and experiences you had. Whether your donation is $5 or $500 it doesn't matter. What matters is that you're paying it forward, giving back to the University that gave so much to you.


Select the student who inspired you to make a gift.

Class of 2017

Alex VanAckeren

Morgan Maloney

Ariana Dalamaggas

Samantha Schreck

Clara Healy

Tom Laughlin

Elizabeth Quinones

Victor Ekpoke

Meghan Shea

Whitney Coriolan

Class of 2018

Emma McIntire

Samantha Kirkpatrick

Lauren Phillips

Shannon Toalson

Marisa Bohlim

Wilson Blomberg

Nate Alvey


Class of 2019

Andres Guevara

Mina Mirzaie

Andrew Sherman

Nicholas Hirner

Christina Siek

Samantha Tomlin

Kayley Palmer

Tyler Steele

Michael Ehrman


Or make a donation not associated with a cabinet member.