Two male students tinker with a robot

Where bold ideas thrive

The IDEA Hub is Creighton’s hotspot for innovation, an open environment for students to implement fresh and exciting ideas. Using the latest technology, the lab brings together communities across campus to collaborate and make bold ideas come to life. 

The IDEA Hub gives students the resources to conduct meaningful research, develop new prototypes and explore the growing potential of technology to address global crises. 

The IDEA Hub also hires interns — and from all colleges and programs, not just those with a technology background. IDEA Hub interns have been placed with top companies in financial services, technology research and space exploration with 99.9% of graduates placed within six months. 

Your gift will support our mission of meeting the moment through innovation. Funds will directly impact students by providing internships, materials and more. 

Thank you for keeping Creighton at the cutting edge of education! 

How your gift helps the IDEA Hub


pays for materials for ongoing intern projects


helps pay for new lab equipment


supports a IDEA Hub STEM community outreach event

Alex Myers speaks with a student.

We specialize in robot-proofing

Career prep for students is important, but how can we prepare them for jobs that don’t even exist yet?

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One male and one female student work on a technology project


Creighton's IDEA Hub is a free, open environment for members of the Creighton community to implement innovative ideas. Utilizing the latest tech, the lab is a collaborative space to create, to learn, to grow. Learn about how we got started and our many exciting projects and collaborations.