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Support our students as they gain the skills and values to improve our world.

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A transformative education

Careers and family life tend to get hectic, but the College of Professional Studies strives to make this transformative education work for everyone, no matter their situation. Our students range in age from their 20s to their 70s and come from all walks of life.

Creighton will continue to meet the needs of our busy adult learners. And we will continue to count on our alumni and friends for their guidance and support.

We couldn’t offer an education of this quality without the support of donors like you. When you make a gift to the College of Professional Studies, you help us meet our greatest and most urgent areas of need, including scholarships, faculty development, mission, academics, programs and other initiatives that fuel the Creighton experience.

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College of Professional Studies — By the Numbers



More than 170 students are enrolled in the College of Professional Studies.


in online degrees

Our online bachelor’s degree programs are ranked No. 33 nationally by U.S. News & World Report.


undergraduate certificates

Including business administration, health administration and policy, creative writing and more

It all starts with scholarships. 

When you support scholarships, you help our students manage costs and alleviate debt load. But more than that, you give them a transformative sense of belonging, purpose and personal growth.

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You help us shape a new generation of leaders ready to face the future and improve our world.

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Mike O'Malley

Michael O'Malley
Senior Director of Schools and Colleges Team, Graduate School, College of Arts and Sciences, Professional Studies

Heidi Knofczynski

In the right place

“My Creighton education has given me a better appreciation for the world around me and my place in it. Thank you for supporting my education. I couldn’t have come to Creighton without your help. Knowing that others support me helps me through moments of discouragement. It keeps me going. It lets me know that I belong at Creighton.”

— Heidi Knofczynski, College of Professional Studies

Student Terry Sanders

Supporting others

“I’m studying leadership and communications through the College of Professional Studies, and it’s been an amazing experience. It’s given me the flexibility to balance my education with my job and life. And it's had a profound impact on my perspective. Since coming to Creighton, I've grown as a leader and a person. I now have a strong desire to give back and support others the way others have supported me.”

— Terry Sanders, College of Professional Studies

Dan McGuire, second from left, with his fellow Creighton students at the Des Moines send-off event.

37 years later, School of Medicine alumnus comes back to Creighton to get his undergrad degree

As a Creighton undergrad in the College of Professional Studies, Dan McGuire stands out; 62-year-old orthopedic spinal surgeons going back to school after a near-40-year hiatus just don't make up a huge part of the student body these days.

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