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Reunion Weekend

Keep connected with alumni and the University at our premier annual event.

Reunion Weekend

Reunion Weekend is Alumni Relations' premier annual event, inviting hundreds of alumni to Omaha to celebrate class parties, family events and much more.

A reunion like no other

Though we were unable to gather on campus for Reunion Weekend 2021, we were excited to celebrate and share some great Bluejay stories and memories.

For those who attended, we hope you enjoyed the hearty charcuterie boards and craft cocktails, the Golden Jays toasts with Fr. Hendrickson, the annual marriage blessing and the launch of our Jesuit speaker series. Reunion Weekend reminded us that no matter what obstacles we face, the Creighton family will always make time for each other.

2021 events

For Reunion Weekend 2021, we recorded various sessions and events. View all sessions here.

And please enjoy this Charcuterie Board Building session ...

Charcuterie Board Building from Creighton University Relations on Vimeo.

A few words from past Reunion Weekend guests ...

“This was just a really special weekend for us. Life passes a little too quickly if you’re not paying attention. We just had to carve out the time to get here, and Creighton did the rest. Creighton supports Reunion Weekend so much. Once you get into it, you see, they offer so much.”

— Heidi Woodward, BA’99

“It’s just good to come back. It’s good for your soul. We went through so much together here. We were family. Life gets busy, but it’s important to come back and reconnect. Creighton … it’s just a piece of my life.”

— Diane Barry Carlson, BSN’79

“Revisiting for Reunion Weekend is really nice. I used to do so much when I was a student. I was really happy to see that I can reconnect with some of my peers here. It felt like a family when I was a student; now that I'm back, it still does.”

— Martin Jose, BS’16

“It’s just fun to come back. I have so many good memories of being a student here, so many good friends I’ve stayed in touch with.”

— Christina Bruck Heller, BA’94

“You get close-knit when you’re at Creighton. Everybody's trying to help everybody else get through. Then when it’s over, you go different directions all around the country and the world. Fifty years later, you get back together, it doesn’t take long to reunite.”

— John Parrish, DDS’69

Creighton campus on the Mall

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