Connecting with our alumni through phonathon.

Phonathon is a program featuring student development officers, who seek to build relationships with our Creighton community and to raise money for Creighton University. Phonathon starts in August and runs until the end of June. 

Why do we call?

Our Creighton community includes alumni, parents, and friends of Creighton. We aim to stay in touch with our Creighton family by hearing about your experiences and sharing our own. We will also update your contact information, share some current Creighton happenings, and provide opportunities for you to stay connected with Creighton.

We hope you will choose to make a gift to Creighton University, the school, college, or area that means something special to you. Funds we raise from our call with you benefit students today and tomorrow. You make the difference in the lives and education for current and future students.

Creighton student callers are passionate about what they are involved in at Creighton and want to hear your stories. What did you love most? Which professor made a difference for you? How do you want to stay connected? We can only do this if you give us a chance. When you see Creighton calling please take a couple minutes and connect with a fellow Bluejay.

Get involved with phonathon

Looking for a campus job?

If you’re a student who is:

  • Passionate about Creighton
  • Interested in networking with alumni
  • Competitive by nature
  • In need of a meaningful campus job
  • Looking to develop a strong bond with fellow classmates
  • Wants to gain valuable real-real world skills


Network with Creighton alumni

As a student caller, you will have the opportunity to speak with hundreds of Creighton alumni from all over the country. Each of these conversations is an opportunity to learn about the experiences of Creighton graduates and make a connection with another Bluejay! Our alumni are generous—in the past they have offered Creighton students advice, internship opportunities, and even jobs — all because of a Phonathon call!

Learn valuable skills

Even if you are not interested in becoming a professional fundraiser, the skills you can learn as a student caller are marketable in virtually every job field. You will receive training, coaching and regular feedback to develop your communication skills and build up your résumé. Veteran callers have the opportunity for further growth in supervisory and office skills as the Phonathon student manager, supervisor or Creighton Fund intern.

Support Creighton

Your work secures gifts that support your Creighton experience and the experience of all students. Phonathon raises more than $525,000 annually to support scholarships, renovations, research, technology, student experiences, community service opportunities, faculty development, and all the other daily happenings at Creighton. Each call represents a unique opportunity to connect with alumni, parents, and friends and update them on the exciting things happening at Creighton. You have an opportunity to make a difference and have a conversation many of our constituents look forward to each year.

Interested in working for Phonathon?

For more information about Phonathon, please email phonathon [at] creighton [dot] edu or check out our Facebook page Creighton University Phonathon