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Long live Gallagher!

It's begun. After more than 60 years of life, Gallagher Hall is coming down. 

Yet the one-of-a-kind community forged in those four walls lives on. As one Creighton alum told us, "Gallagher is not a place. It's a people."

It is now, also, a T-shirt.

To honor the residence hall in its final days, we've made a limited-edition Gallagher Hall T-shirt and sticker. (We've got a feeling these are going to run out fast.)

Want to get one (or both) while there's still time? Make a gift to Creighton. You’ll be paying tribute to your old dorm and helping to ensure the Creighton campus experience carries on for thousands more students.



Gallagher Hall sticker


Make a gift of $25 or more, and we'll mail you the sticker.

(Sticker dimensions are 3.169 x 3.169 inches.)

T-shirt and sticker

Make a gift of $35 or more, and we'll send you both.

(Note: Tees and/or stickers are limited to one per gift transaction. To receive more than one shirt, multiple transactions are required.)

Thank you for keeping the priceless memories of a Creighton education alive and thriving for generations to come! Long live Gallagher!

Gallagher Hall stories

If your nostalgia hasn't yet been sufficiently Gallganized, we recommend enjoying any or all of the following features. 

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A Gallagher Hall love story

Like more Creighton couples than you might expect, they met in Gallagher. They were freshmen living in the dorm, and that first semester, he was constantly teasing her. She found him a little obnoxious. Yet it was a sweet, romantic kind of obnoxious. Read the couple

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How your gift helps

Whatever you support — scholarships, mission, academics, programs, research — you're driving the Creighton experience for the Bluejays of today and tomorrow and creating the next generation of Jesuit-educated agents of change.

Every gift counts. And together, they add up to a huge collective impact for the University.


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