Billy Bluejay statue outside Morrison Stadium

National Alumni Board

Helping lead the way for our alumni and the University.

Driving Creighton's future

As the advisory board for the Alumni Association, the group:

  • Represents alumni interests to the University
  • Supports the University’s strategic initiatives
  • Provides program and service direction to Alumni Relations

This is true of myself and so many other alumni I've spoken with: We almost all feel that our Creighton years were some of the best of our lives. There's something special about the Creighton experience. As a Board, our mission is to energize alumni to continue their Creighton journey, while also giving back and paying this experience forward to the next generation.

— Richard A. Witt, BSBA’74, National Alumni Board Member

National Alumni Board of Directors

The board meets twice a year on campus to discuss University and alumni concerns and to provide counsel and feedback for alumni programs.


Mark Ellerbeck BSBA’91, MBA'96
Omaha, Nebraska


Thomas D. Berry, DDS’83, MD’88
Kamas, Utah

Heather Bergman Efaw, BS’97
Omaha, Nebraska

Lori D. Bryant, BS'95
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Thomas A. Grennan, BA’75, JD’78
Omaha, Nebraska

Daniel T. Harbeke, BSBA’04
Omaha, Nebraska

Michael E. Hebrard, MD'96
Piedmont, California

Anne Jenkins, BSN’77
Edmonds, Washington

Thomas J. Manning, BS’77, MD’81
East Lyme, Connecticut

Sarah/Cricket Oquist, JD'99
Maple Grove, Minnesota

D. Ashley Frison Robinson, JD'08
Omaha, Nebraska

Angela Warrick Rosenburg, OTD'03
Lakeland, Florida

Shannon Holm Royal, BSOT’99
Omaha, Nebraska

Annette Scott Sayers, BSN’74
Omaha, Nebraska

Kurt D. Stormberg, DDS’91
San Diego, California

Jennifer S. Strabley, BSPHY'99
Maple Grove, Minnesota

Crait S. Stringfellow, BSBA'87
Dulles, Virginia

Charles Thomas, Jr., MS’09, EDD’14
Dulles, Virginia

Jennifer Lueth Tran, BSN'03
Dulles, Virginia

Thomas J. Twit, Jr., BSBA’99
Omaha, Nebraska

Richard A. Witt, BSBA'74
Omaha, Nebraska