Men's Basketball

Go Jays!

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When you make a gift to Creighton men's basketball, you help our legacy live on. You join us in our everlasting pursuit of excellence —  on the court and in the classroom. 

Year after year, the Bluejays have continued to rack up wins, titles and sold-out crowds! For 11 seasons, head coach Greg McDermott has led the team, scoring more than 200 wins since coming to Creighton.

He and the Jays have the fans to back them up. The program ranks top 5 nationally in home game attendance.

Your support will help the team continue to draw crowds and compete for BIG EAST Conference and NCAA national championships.

Most important, it will allow us to continue recruiting and retaining tremendous student-athletes.

Men's basketball

Creighton Athletics

Our move to the BIG EAST is more than an honor for our athletics program. It’s a testament to the level of our academics and reputation throughout the country.

Overhead shot of a packed Creighton men's basketball game at the CHI Health Center Omaha.


Creighton Athletics has launched a fundraising drive to help make up for the canceled games and lost budgeted revenue in the wake of the pandemic.

Help us meet this funding gap so Creighton Athletics can sustain its level of success and remain a competitive Division 1 athletic department.

Doug McDermott

Community and connection

“Creighton has taught me so many things. I go back to the sense of community and unity you have at a place like Creighton. You're in class sizes where you can really connect with so many different people.

"At bigger universities, with bigger classes, it can be more difficult to have those direct relationships. I think that's really helped me in the real world and during these times especially.”

— Doug McDermott, BSBA'14

Kyle Korver

The Jesuit way

“I’m so grateful that I went to Creighton for so many reasons. I got a great education, and I have great relationships and great memories from being there.

"One of the values that Creighton instilled in me is that we’re supposed to be leaders in culture. We’re supposed to be people at the front, standing for and with others. That’s what the Jesuits show us to do. That’s the Jesuit way — to find the broken, to find the marginalized voices. And you stand with them, and you support them. That’s what we’re called to do in life.”

— Kyle Korver, BA’03

Fueled by you

Creighton Athletics has a long and storied history. Multiple programs have competed in the NCAA Tournament, continuing the University’s 30-year streak with at least one NCAA Tournament team. 

In 2013, our move to the BIG EAST Conference brought an unprecedented level of national attention — to Creighton and Omaha. 

It also created countless opportunities for our nearly 300 student-athletes, who have access to some of the best coaches, faculty and facilities in the nation.  

We know it takes more than great skills to compete. It requires endurance — endurance fueled by you. 

Unless someone passes them the ball, star athletes cannot score. Your loyalty to Creighton Athletics provides the perfect assist so that we may recruit, retain, develop and graduate outstanding student-athletes and lifelong leaders. Thank you.

— Bruce Rasmussen, McCormick Endowed Athletic Director

Creighton Athletics

It's about more than sports. Our student-athletes are committed to community, service and academic excellence. And every step of the way, they're supported by one of the best fan bases in the nation.


success rate

Creighton has a 96% success rate for our student-athlete graduates.



Athletics staff and student-athletes have completed 5,000 hours of community service.


in the nation

Creighton is No. 5 in the nation for average home attendance at men’s basketball games.

Janie Hoch and Harry Hoch Jr.

Champions for Bluejays - on the court and beyond

For nearly three decades, they kept a close eye on Creighton Athletics. Neither attended Creighton University, but after three of their four children came to Creighton, their interest in Creighton Athletics became a passion for a greater cause.

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