9 gorgeous aerial views of a snowy Creighton campus at magic hour

Jan 14, 2021 By Micah Mertes

Take an aerial tour of campus with this collection of recent photos.

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Why not take a short and merciful break from it all with some aesthetically pleasing and nostalgia-inducing images of our beautiful campus?

Here are nine gorgeous views of Creighton's snowy campus recently taken via drone. A place you love, drenched in magic hour, standing firm against the realities of a harsh Nebraska winter. 

Admittedly, images of campus buildings might lack the therapeutic power of, say, a gallery of puppy photos. Nonetheless, please enjoy this virtual sky tour of Creighton University. 

(Note: This post was written and photos were taken before the recent heavy snowfall in Omaha.)

Sun sets on campus. 

Sun sets on campus.

A little closer, at a slightly different angle. 

Sun sets over campus facing west.

Turning around now ... hey, there's McGloin.

A shot of McGloin and downtown Omaha, facing east.

Let's get a closer look.

An overhead drone shot of McGloin Hall.

Another angle ...

An overhead drone shot of McGloin Hall.

There's the Harper Center looking toward downtown.

Drone shot of the Harper Center with downtown Omaha in the background.

(Whooshing noise, drone speeds ahead, looks down)

Harper Center aerial shot facing straight down.

Let's head back west while the light's still good to get a few wider shots ...

A view of downtown Omaha from Creighton's campus.

And the grand finale. Creighton University. Omaha, Nebraska.

An aerial view of Creighton and downtown Omaha, facing east.