Support scholarships today, and you'll be helping our students this fall
Support scholarships today, and you'll be helping our students this fall

Now more than ever, scholarships are vital for our students.  

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many Creighton students and their families are facing unforeseen financial struggles. Even in tough times — especially in tough times — we aim to continue Creighton’s tradition of making this transformative education available to everyone, regardless of their situation.  

When you give to scholarships, you make a huge difference in the lives of our students. And an immediate difference. If you make a gift to scholarships by June 30, you’ll already be supporting students this fall.  

We spoke with a handful of first-generation students about what your support of scholarships means to them.  

“I'm a first-generation college student at Creighton, and I wouldn't have been able to attend without the help of scholarships supported by donors like you. My family and I are so grateful for your generosity. It's changed our lives. 

“It really makes me happy to know that there are people out there supporting students like me. Creighton alumni really care about the school and what it did for them. Now, for them to pay it back for our generation is really amazing.” 

— Kahiau Cockett-Nagamine, Class of 2022 


“I grew up in Grand Island, Nebraska, where my dad was a farmer and my mom a hair stylist. I always knew I wanted to go to college, but my family had no experience with it. Creighton supported me the whole way. And scholarships made my dream of college possible.   

“Scholarships afforded me countless opportunities at Creighton, where I was able to work in a research lab, conducting studies on animal behavior, since my freshman year.” 

— Emily Harders, Class of 2020 


“I’m a first-generation college student and aspiring scientist who was able to come to Creighton University because of the scholarship aid provided by people like you.  

“I simply wouldn’t be here without scholarships. Beyond financial aid, scholarships let me know that I have people who believe in me. That gives me the confidence to succeed.” 

— Hong Nguyen, Class of 2020 


"Scholarships are blessings in my life. They have provided me a gateway to realize my dreams. There's a huge need for Spanish-speaking attorneys across all areas of law. So, this gift is going to compound and have an impact on society. When people support me, they're supporting everyone I’ll be fighting for in the future." 

— César Magaña Linares, JD’22 


"You’re not just changing my life. You’re changing my family’s, too. I'm tearing up just thinking about how much it means to my mother that I'm getting a great education and studying to become a physician. Thank you for helping me come to Creighton. Thank you for helping me make my parents proud." 

— Stephanie Miljkovic, School of Medicine, Class of 2022  


Remember, if you make a gift to scholarships by June 30, you'll already be supporting our students this fall!