Faith and daily life thrive together in Ignatian Adventure
Faith and daily life thrive together in Ignatian Adventure

Sarah (Lukas) McMahon, BA’02, MA’08, is participating in The Ignatian Adventure Self-Retreat with Fr. Larry Gillick, SJ, to form a  deeper connection to her faith and to Creighton University. Now in week four, McMahon says she hopes to feel fulfilled, peaceful and happy at the end of her ten-week spiritual journey.

What prompted you to participate in the Ignatian Adventure Self-Retreat?  

I was looking for something that would help me connect to my faith, especially since I am unable to attend Mass in person right now. The retreat is the perfect opportunity to focus on my faith and explore it in a new way. So far, my most significant takeaway has been a reminder that God is in all things. 

How has the Ignatian Adventure impacted your daily routine? 

The readings and videos are like a mini vacation. Each week, I set time aside to focus on the content,  reflect and listen to what God is saying within my heart. I didn’t anticipate how peaceful and fulfilled the exercises would make me feel.  As a result, I have started journaling every day. 

What do you think are the benefits of spiritual engagement? 

Father Gillick has helped me experience my faith in a new way. And the retreat reminds me of those I participated in during my college days and helps me connect back to Creighton. This engagement supports our mission and can help connect alumni back to the Creighton community, which strengthens it, at its core.