Creighton Connections: Business student Jada Glover
Creighton Connections: Business student Jada Glover

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Jada Glover, BSBA’20 

Glover is a senior in the Heider College of Business. She is completing her final semester online, from her family’s home in Kansas City, Missouri, where there’s a 30-day stay-home order. She was living and working two jobs on campus when the University encouraged students not to return after spring break. She’s now trying to make ends meet, finish her senior year and figure out how to start her career in the midst of a pandemic.

You recently received some aid from a newly established emergency assistance fund for students. What does the fund mean for you?

This fund means a lot for me and students like me. It shows that people care about us and our well-being. 

(The assistance Glover receives will help her pay for the tech requirements, like WiFi, to complete her final semester online and off-campus.)

How are you and your family doing? 

Everyone’s on high anxiety. No one knows how long this is going to last. It hasn’t even hit our state at the same magnitude as places like New York and California. My sister and mom both still have to go to work, so they’re risking their health. That’s scary, knowing that if one of us were to get sick, we don’t live in a big enough home to be able to stay separate from each other. But we know this won’t last forever, and I just pray that no harm comes to my family.

You’re graduating in May. 

Yes, actually, I’m registering tomorrow for my final semester to graduate. 

What’s it like having to finish your Creighton education online?

Honestly, it’s shaky because everything is so up in the air, and it’s hard to stay organized. But our teachers have been so supportive of us throughout all of this. They’ve been available to talk and extend as much support as they can. 

Interview conducted March 25, 2020

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