Creighton Connections archive
Creighton Connections archive

In Creighton Connections, we speak with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends about their experiences living in the new normal. How has COVID-19 changed their world? All interviews are, of course, conducted over the phone or online. 

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Creighton Connections archive


May 11

     ”You leave Creighton a different person and a better person than when you came in.”


May 8

      Nothing would keep him from finishing the 100-mile race. Not even brain cancer.


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May 5


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May 1


April 28


April 27


April 23


April 22


April 21


April 20


April 16


April 13


April 10

  • Amy Rogge, OTD’08, who has found new ways to connect with her client families at her pediatric OT practice.


April 9

  • Nurse Erin Muth, BSN’08, whose father nearly died of the coronavirus. Erin has since launched a cause to help hospitalized COVID-19 patients keep in touch with their families. 


April 8


April 7


April 6


April 2


April 1


March 31


March 30

  • Alumnus Jesse Zien, who’s converted his distillery to make hand sanitizer for first responders


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March 24


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March 20


March 19


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