Champions for Bluejays - on the court and beyond  
Champions for Bluejays - on the court and beyond  

Janie Hoch and Harry Hoch Jr.

For nearly three decades, Janie and Harry Hoch, Jr. have kept a close eye on the success of Creighton Athletics. Neither attended Creighton University, but after three of their four children came to Creighton, their interest in Creighton Athletics became a passion to support a greater cause. 

Harry Hoch III, BSBA’04, JD’09, and Michael Hoch, BSBA’08, both were student-athletes on the men’s golf team, and Melissa Hoch Laflin, BA’08, completed a three-year internship with the athletics department. The Hochs believe Creighton helped shape their children into successful leaders. As their engagement with Creighton Athletics evolved, so too did their vision for supporting future student-athletes. 

Janie says that there was a moment during a recent conversation with the Creighton Athletics development team that she and Harry were inspired to make their next gift. “It was in that meeting that the light went on,” says Harry. 

“All of the dreams, all of the planning and ‘what-ifs.’ We knew we wanted to be a part of the Champions Circle for men’s basketball and do our part to build endurance into the Creighton men’s basketball program and the athletics department as a whole.” 

Established in the spring of 2019, the Janie and Harry Hoch Jr. Family Point Guard Endowed Scholarship is the first position-specific endowment for the men’s basketball program. Each year, this endowment will provide perpetual scholarship support for the Creighton men’s basketball starting point guard. While they believe every team member is important, the Hochs say they have chosen to endow the point guard position as a symbol of leadership. 

“It’s not just about basketball and athletics,” says Harry. “Every student represents Creighton on the court and in their communities, and that’s what we want—to be a part of forming our male and female student-athletes into responsible leaders.” 

The Hochs don’t just support their vision of success for each student and for Creighton Athletics through philanthropy. They are considered loyal members of the team and openly share advice and words of wisdom to help guide student-athletes. 

“I learned something from my father a long time ago, and I shared this with the team,” says Harry. “There are three things of importance that no one can take away from you: your faith, your reputation and your education.”  

For an untold number of student-athletes, the unwavering dedication of Janie and Harry will serve as an inspiration during their collegiate journey, instilling in them leadership, motivation and integrity—skills that endure long after the game ends. 

The Hochs

Their commitment to academics at Creighton has always been an attraction for the Hochs; while it is evident that student-athletes love the game, it is also clear they are serious about their education.

“Creighton Athletics puts so much time not only into the sports, but into each student,” says Janie. “There is an expectation of how to perform on the court or on the field, and also in their personal and professional lives.” 

Janie and Harry are proud to support student-athletes and their academic pursuits, but also understand the impact a successful men’s basketball program can have on the athletics department and University as a whole. 

By investing in the University’s most public program, Janie and Harry are creating opportunities for the men’s basketball program that once seemed unattainable. As the Bluejays continue to build a nationally recognized program in the BIG EAST Conference, it’s the support of people like the Hochs that will allow the program to soar to new heights. 

“The Hochs truly want to make a difference,” says Bruce Rasmussen, McCormick Endowed Athletic Director. “Their commitment assists us in having a dynamic, multi-generational impact on individuals, families, businesses and communities, and we are grateful for their proud leadership.” 


Athletics donors are a strong support system for student-athletes both on and off the court. Your belief in their academic abilities and athleticism serve as a meaningful source of encouragement, and your commitment is a true reflection of the Creighton spirit. 

  • $14.5 million raised for athletics in FY19
  • 160 student-athletes on the Big East All-Academic Team in 2018-2019 
  • More than 6,000 athletic donors in FY19


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