Bluejays fly together, raising money for over 60 programs
Bluejays fly together, raising money for over 60 programs

Not only does the Creighton Bluejay community fly together, the community also gives together. During Creighton’s inaugural Giving Day on April 11, more than 3,600 donors from 49 states and two countries came together to raise money for 67 diverse programs.

Jennifer Oliveto Ayoub, BS’95, MD’00, says that she wasn’t surprised that more than three thousand donors came together on Giving Day. “Creighton has given so much to so many over the years.  Through the Jesuit mission of service to others, we are all inspired to give more.”

For Ayoub, Creighton has always been a part of her life. Her Father, Frank Oliveto, MD’65, is a graduate of the School of Medicine. “He always instilled in us the values that he learned while at Creighton. The University has given me so much in my life: an education, a community and a family. It is only fitting that I would support Creighton University on Giving Day.” 

The day surpassed goals and raised $712,570. Donors included 571 faculty, 494 students, alumni , family and friends of Creighton. Giving Day provided donors the chance to designate where their funds were allocated by choosing between different athletic teams, the nine schools and colleges, and different student organizations or services.

Dr. Carol Zuegner, Chair of the Journalism, Media & Computing department, says that Backpack Journalism received donations from donors who graduated 30 years ago.

“They remembered their own experiences and want to make sure those experiences continue,” says Zuegner.

The donations received on Giving Day will allow the 67 programs to continue providing services to the Creighton community. These services are well remembered because of the impact they have on students.

Cat Morehouse, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, says that programs such as the VIP Center, FLPA’s Global Initiative, and Backpack Journalism are all important to her.“These are some of the programs that truly change students’ perspectives and shape us into the passionate global and community leaders that make up our incredible alumni network,” says Morehouse.

Seth Zimmer, BA’83, says that witnessing his son, a senior in the College of Arts and Sciences, have a similar Creighton experience is a reminder for him of his own time at Creighton. “My wife and I have seen Danny grow into a wonderful adult with a passion for learning. While he deserves a lot of credit for that, I am also able to see the impact that Creighton has had on both of our lives and the lives of people around us.”

Zimmer says that the Creighton community is a special community. “The power of an individual giving is great. The power of a community giving is even greater.  Giving Day gave all of us a gift—a gift to come together as one to support a University that has made a difference for so many.”