Billy Bluejay crashes an extremely Creighton wedding
Billy Bluejay crashes an extremely Creighton wedding

A Creighton couple ties the knot, and their mothers relive a 33-year-old memory. For both occasions, Billy Bluejay was there. 

Sarah and Jon shortly after getting married at St. John's.This summer, Jon Ermer, BS’15, MD’19, and Sarah Seifert, BSN’14, DNP’18, got married at St. John’s — as one does — and the venue offered a Creighton reunion for their alum-filled families.  

Altogether about two dozen members of their combined families are Creighton grads, including Sarah and Jon’s mothers — Michele Brockhaus Seifert, BSOT’87, and Julie Walker Ermer, BSOT’89 — who knew each other as students (and as cheerleaders). 

“Our mothers were in OT school and cheered together, but because they were a few years apart, they lost touch after my mother graduated,” Sarah says. “After Jon and I started dating, they recognized each other right away when we had our parents’ ‘first meet.’”  

They’ve since rekindled their friendship, as they now have a University and a family in common. 

If this summer’s wedding weren’t enough of a special occasion, the day also marked the long-awaited sequel to a yearbook photo.  

In the 1986 Creighton yearbook spread on the cheerleading squad, Julie Walker and “Shelly” Brockhaus are pictured with Billy Bluejay.  

More than three decades later, Sarah and Jon displayed the photo at their wedding reception. Not only that, Julie and Michele recreated the photo with a certain feathered wedding guest and friend of the family. 

All in all, an extremely Creighton wedding.  

Side-by-side photos of Julie, left, and Michele, then and now.

The 1986 photo on display at Sarah and Jon’s wedding.

Billy Bluejay stealing the show at the wedding reception. Photos by Meghan Small.