Mentoring & Shadowing

Share your experience with Creighton students.

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Experiential learning creates the bridge from the classroom to the real world for Creighton University students. One of the best opportunities students have for hands-on learning is observing—and being mentored by—alumni just like you. By mentoring Creighton students and allowing them to shadow you on the job, you assist them in shaping their futures.

The Creighton EDGE

The Creighton EDGE™ is designed to provide Creighton students with a holistic approach to pre-professional advising, the pursuit of advanced studies in graduate/professional school, and career planning. The primary features of the EDGE include alumni networking, mentoring and shadowing, as well as connection to portfolio-building internship opportunities. The EDGE provides individual and group tutoring, academic coaching, academic counseling, and assistance with any issues that could impact a student’s ability to be academically successful at Creighton.

The EDGE pillars are:

Education in the Jesuit tradition
Development of God-given talents
Growth of intellectual, cultural and global perspective
Engaged spirit and sense of purpose


The EDGE Mentoring Program engages Creighton alumni and friends to provide professional exploration and discernment. The program is designed to create opportunities for undergraduate students to interact with professionals beyond a single shadowing experience. Once you register to be an EDGE Mentor, you will be contacted based on your profile and student interest.


An ideal way for students to learn what a career involves is to shadow highly qualified professionals like you. Through the EDGE Shadowing Program, you can share your knowledge and experience to help students discern their career path. The EDGE has targeted shadowing programs to connect alumni like you with students having these pre-professional interests:

Help the next generation of aspiring dentists by sharing your experience and day-to-day work life as a dental professional.
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Share your day-to-day work life and help the next generation of pharmacy, occupational therapy and physical therapy professionals.

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Help the next generation of aspiring lawyers by sharing your knowledge, experiences and day-to-day work life.

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Help pre-medical students gain a better understanding of what your day-to-day work life is all about.

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