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Student and resident housing program.

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The Student and Resident Housing Program allows current Creighton University students and residents to request housing assistance with Creighton University Alumni while out on academic assignments.

Creighton University students or residents may apply to the Office of Alumni Relations to complete a search for housing with alumni in the location where the student will be temporarily living on academic assignment. Once the form is submitted, a broadcast email will be sent to the alumni living in the area. However, students are not guaranteed housing placement through this process and are encouraged to continue their search through other arenas until housing has been secured. 


When do I submit my request?

Please make all housing requests at least 8 weeks prior to desired move-in date and allow 2 weeks for your request to be processed by the Office of Alumni Relations. Requests have a better success rate if they are sent within an 8 – 16 week range before housing is needed. 

How do I get in contact with the alumnus I’m staying with?

If an alumnus is willing to accommodate a student or can provide information on short-term housing that meets the student’s needs, the alumnus will be asked to contact the student directly. Students are asked to keep track of all alumni who contact them and to respond to every email or phone call they receive. 

Do I have to pay rent to the alumnus?

Students are expected to discuss with alumni what they can contribute in payment (rent money, housework, meal preparation, etc.). This is specific to each alumnus and there is no set payment for Creighton alumni housing assistance.

Other Important Information

Follow-up Survey

All students who apply for a housing search are required to complete a follow-up survey regarding the housing request process, even if they are not able to secure housing through the Office of Alumni Relations. The survey will be sent to the student both when they complete this form and also when the Office of Alumni Relations notifies the student that their housing request has been emailed to alumni. 

Only students who complete the follow-up survey within the appropriate time frame will be able to submit future requests for housing through the Office of Alumni Relations.

Housing in Big Cities

In some cities, there is only a small chance of finding alumni who are able to host. This is due to high cost of housing in urban settings. Many alumni in cities such as New York and Los Angeles live in studio and one-bedroom apartments without space to host students. Please keep this in mind when selecting a site.

For female students heading to New York City for academic assignments we recommend you start with a place such as The Webster Apartments to find housing in a good location with economical pricing.

Need Housing in Des Moines?

Students heading to Des Moines for internships are encouraged to look into the Internship Village with University of Iowa-Des Moines. The Village offers flexible leases in dorm-style rooms for any students who may be interning in Des Moines.