Athletic Hall of Fame

Criteria for Induction

  • The recipient must, as a rule, be an alumnus/alumna of Creighton University and should manifest such qualities in his/her personal life that mark him/her as a successful person of high moral principles guided by the Jesuit ideals of being men and women for others.
  • The recipient must have demonstrated a truly outstanding and consistent performance on a varsity team over a period of at least two years demonstrating good sportsmanship and field leadership while a member of the squad. A recipient who did not compete on a varsity team may be selected on the basis of his/her significant contribution to the athletic program at Creighton University.
  • The recipient should be out of school for five years.


  • When completing questions 1 and 2 on the nomination form, it is critical that nominators provide specific examples of how the nominee meets the criteria for this citation.
  • A supporting resume/curriculum vitae must accompany the nomination.
  • Up to three letters of support will be accepted.

Meet the 2013 Alumni Hall of Fame Inductees

The Athletic Hall of Fame Citation, when conferred, is given at the annual Athletic Banquet. It may be presented posthumously. For more information, visit